As the author of "Under Investigation" I'd like to clear up some misconceptions I regrettably included in my 2006 book on Lou Pearlman's modeling operation.

First of all I must apologize for embellishing and stacking the negative comments I accumulated from media reports which I relied upon to be accurate. In some cases this information was not true, fair or balanced.

As such, many characters in the book were portrayed as being unrealistically evil, criminal or devious.

Once I was provided with the opportunity to learn the actual history and facts related to events which I was not personally privy to until now, I determined that I was wrong about many of my past assumptions and must therefore make some attempt to reduce the harm my misconceptions have caused. To this end, I implore anyone who has relied upon the book to assess the personality traits, honesty or credibility of anyone mentioned in the book to review their opinions based on more reliable factors than what I put into the public domain. I have also removed the title from all retail sales sources such that it will hopefully do no further harm to the reputations of those improperly maligned within its pages.

Thank you for keeping an open mind.

Les Henderson